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Goat‘s Milk Cosmetics

Goats are well known for their resistance and excellent health, plus they cannot be harmed by cancer. Goat milk is protecting the cell and influences cell regeneration positively. It contains high amounts of Vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, D), minerals (Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium) and moisturizing factors such as Panthenol. Precious oils protect the skin from premature aging and soften the skin. The latest research on goat milk proves the importance of goat milk and its ingredients such as Coenzymes Q10 and more than 70 unsaturated fatty acids. Due to its low melting point of 37 Degrees Celsius goat butter can be absorbed easily also into the deeper layers of our skin. This has a positive impact on the absorption of highly effective natural essences.

New design for Goat’s Milk Products:

Alpine Herbs - Nettle Shampoo with Guarana and Goat’s Milk
Shampoo to activate and vitalise your hair. Contains choice alpine herbs for
an energizing and invigorating effect on scalp and roots. Stinging nettle has
been used for generations to strengthen hair roots. Guarana stimulates
blood circulation in the scalp and fights hair loss. Made from certified
biological raw materials and herbs.
200 ml Art.-Nr. 17204


Alpine Herbs – Calendula Shampoo with Aloe Vera and Goat’s Milk
Calming and moisturizing hair shampoo.
A mild and soothing shampoo it contains precious calendula and herbal
extracts. Aloe Vera and goats whey have been added for a generous
supply of moisture. Made from certified biological raw materials and herbs.
200 ml Art.-Nr. 17214



Alpine Herbs – Day Cream with Goat’s Butter
Regenerating and moisturizing day cream.
Alpin Derm Day Cream invigorates and regenerates your skin during the
day. Treats first signs of ageing and promotes suppleness. Vitamins and
alpine herbs containing effective phyto-complexes complement this light
and smooth day cream. Made from certified biological raw materials and herbs.
50 ml Art.-Nr. 17221


Alpine Herbs – Night Cream with Goat’s Butter
A night cream to build up and activate your skin.
Ideal night care for sophisticated skin, replenishes and boosts cell metabolism. Contains precious plant
oils and herbal essences to smooth and calm your skin during the night. Made from certified biological raw
materials and herbs.
50 ml Art.-Nr. 17231

Alpine Herbs – Body Repair Milk with Goat’s Butter
Rich body milk for intensive skin care.
A rich body milk for overstressed and extra dry skin, containing only the finest ingredients grown on
Austria’s alpine mountains. Select plant oils and natural fats top up elasticity and suppleness. Made from
certified biological raw materials and herbs.
200 ml Art.-Nr. 17254


Alpine Herbs - Hair Repair Balm with Goat’s Milk
Conditioning hair balm for damaged hair.
A cocktail of quality alpine herbs to treat and pamper your hair after a shampoo. Apply a nut-sized amount
(depending on hair-length) to damp hair, massage well and leave to set for several minutes. Rinse
thoroughly. Made from certified biological raw materials and herbs.
200 ml Art.-Nr. 17244




Goat‘s Milk Massage Cream
is created from a base of goat butter, alpine herbs, Marigold, Chamomile and Rosemary. This massage cream is also used as massage lubricant.
50 g Art.-Nr. 424



Whey Soap
With Marigold and Goat Whey
100 g Art.-Nr. 423



Old design for Goat’s Milk Products:


Goat‘s Milk Bubble Bath with Aloe Vera
The positive effects of this Goat’s Milk Bath derive from the fact that the lactic acid contained in goat’s whey has a composition very similar to human lactic acid.
200 ml Art.-Nr. 420

Goat‘s Milk Face Cream
with Vitamin E, Macadamia oil and Jojoba oil plus nutrients derived from Calendula and Aloe Vera, based on a traditional curative agent: goat’s butter. This cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a moisturizing effect.
50 ml Art.-Nr. 426

Goat‘s Milk Body Milk
Goat’s butter, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera hydrate the skin. The active ingredient of camomile combats inflammations and supports skin regeneration. This non-oily body milk is instantly absorbed.
200 ml Art.-Nr. 429


Goat‘s Milk Shampoo with Aloe Vera
The rich ingredients of Aloe Vera and goat’s milk, produce an intelligent repair effect. The shampoo encourages the formation of a significant protective film on the hair and increases the bending stability of the hair fibres.
200 ml Art.-Nr. 431

Goat‘s Milk Shampoo Classic
with natural plant extracts is suitable for all types of hair. Rich minerals and in particular the Vitamins E and B5 provide an additional care boost.
200 ml Art.-Nr. 421

Goat‘s Milk Shampoo with Nettle
Suitable for all types of hair, it is particularly effective in case of dandruff and oily hair. Vitamin E and minerals combat the formation of frizzy ends.
200 ml Art.-Nr. 422




Essential Oils

Essential Oils

"Anise" calming
"Basil" uplifting, stimulant
"Bay" tonic
"Bergamot" activating, antidepressant
"Bitter" Orange harmonizing
"Black Pepper" stimulating to the mind, vasodilatant

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